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Pineider Fountain Pen Snorkel

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Produktnummer: SW11889
Produktinformationen "Pineider Fountain Pen Snorkel"
The Pineider Snorkel is a stainless steel extension with an adaptor nozzle for the converters most commonly found on the market. One side is designed in a number of differnet diameters of converters made by the best known manufacturers. The tube comprising the Snorkel has a very small hole in order to minimise the amount of ink that is inevitably going to remain unused inside it. The Snorkel alllows you to use up the ink in the inkwell right down to the last drop. 

Fits Pineider, Montbland, Kaweco, Monteverde, Waterman, Montegrappa, Viconti, Diplomat, Lamy Parker, Aurora, Platinum, Sailor, Pilot

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