Kostenloser Versand innerhalb Deutschland ab 100€

Shipping and Payment

We do ship all orders with DHL / Deutsche Post 

Please note that we calculate shipping charges based on weight. (This does not apply if free world wide shipping is offered). We do try our best, that your shipping estimate during checkout is correct. However, since we do pack all orders carefully by hand, sometimes the weight might exceed the estimate. In this case we will write you an email and let you know about the additional shipping charges and if you do not agree we will give you a full refund. Most of the times however, we are right on spot or even save you on shipping charges. If that is the case, we will refund you the amount you saved.


Artikel die breiter/höher als 5 cm sind, werden als Paket verschickt werden. Maxibriefe gehen nur bis zu einer Höhe von 5 cm, daher ist nicht nur das Gewicht, sondern auch die Abmessungen ausschlaggebend. Bestellungen innerhalb Deutschlands ab einem Bestellwert von 100€ sind Versandkostenfrei.

Gewicht                                 Versandkosten

bis 850gr und unter 5cm            2,75€
bis 1800gr                                         4,99€
bis 4800gr                                         5,99€
Versandkostenfrei ab 100€ Bestellwert
Der kostenlose Versand ist nicht kombinierbar mit Seitenübergreifenden Sales, wie z.B Fountain pen Day Flash Sales


We ship to every country in Europa with no exception. You can chose tracking for your orders below 1 kg during check out. All orders above 1kg are only shipped tracked. Untracked shippments may take up to 3 month to arrive at their destination.

Weight                              Delivery Charges

up to 450gr                    4,50€  untracked - 8,60€ tracked
up to 850gr                    8,60€  undtracked - 12,50€ tracked
up to 4800gr                 15,99€ tracked
above 5000gr               29,00€ tracked
above 10kg                    49,00€ tracked


We ship to every country around the world, with no exception. You can chose tracking for your orders below 1 kg during check out. Untracked  shippments may take up to 3 month to arrive at their destination. Tracked shippments can take up to 3 month to arrive, since they sometimes take a long time to get processed by the customes office of the destination country

Weight                               Delivery Charges

up to 450gr                     5,00€ untracked  - 8,60€ tracked  
up to 850gr                     8,60€ untracked - 12,50€ tracked  
up to 4800gr                  22,50€  tracked
above 5000gr                49,99€ tracked

USA/ Canada

Shipping to the USA is back on track starting September 15. 2020. The currently used shipping method luckily changed to airplane again. This will significantly change the shipping time, which also depends where in the US it is shipped to. A tracked shipping version for orders is adviced. 
Even with tracking it can take the package several weeks, once handed over to the carrier of the destination, to make it through the customes office point of entry in New York. This might be faster after everything got back on track, but it is nothing out of the ordinary to not see any updates for several weeks, after it was handed over or registered by USPS. It only means that it is working its way through the bottle neck of customes. ;-)
From current feedback, most orders are back to a 2 weeks cycle. 


We do offer different Payment options for your convinience. 
  • Paypal
  • Direct Debit
  • Credit Card
  • Gerne können Sie auch via Überweisung zahlen, schreiben sie uns gerne über das Kontakformular an