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Sailor Pro Gear "Stellar Black Hole" 21K - Limited Edition

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Produktnummer: SW12765.2
Produktinformationen "Sailor Pro Gear "Stellar Black Hole" 21K - Limited Edition "
Formed when the core of a massive star collapses in a "Supernova" event due to the extreme gravitational forces existing! Even light cannot escape these cosmic wonders. Every main galaxy in the Universe has a massive "Stellar Black Hole" at the centre - Our own Milky Way has Sagittarius A, which has a mass equivalent to 4 Million of our suns! 
Sailor has created a unique Fountain pen to depict such a forceful Cosmic concept. 
Please enjoy the experience of this beautiful pen. 
Available in EF, F, M, limited to 1200 pieces worldwide.
Bicolour 21k gold nib, Rhodium plated
Ships in present box with converter 

Eigenschaften "Sailor Pro Gear "Stellar Black Hole" 21K - Limited Edition "
Federstärken: F

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