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Sailor Aurora Borealis - Europa Exclusive Limited Edition

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Produktnummer: SW13089.2
Produktinformationen "Sailor Aurora Borealis - Europa Exclusive Limited Edition"
This Sailor fountain pen is inspired by the "Aurora Borealis" also known as the "Northern lights" or "Polar lights". 
This spectacular natural light phenomenom can be seen especially during winter in the higher latitude regions of the earth. Caused by charging particles dancing in the moving solar winds, these dinamic patterns of brilliant blue and green lights appear as curtains, rays, spirals or flickers across the entire sky. 
The pen is available as 
  • Pro Gear with 21k Gold nib
  • Pro Gear Slim with 14k nib
Both are delivered in a present box with matchin ink and converter. 
This series is only produced for the European marked and is only available in a limited quantity. 

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